Our Team

Our Team

The strength of a survey company in India is dependent on the strength of the team it puts together. At Telstra Research , we have gathered professionals with work experience at large international research firms and a great diversity of academic backgrounds, which includes statistics, marketing, social science, psychology, and information technology, bringing rich insight and expertise to our many projects.

Since 2006 of Telstra Research have completed projects with numerous clients (including other market research groups as well as with final research consuming clients), and have also developed experience and expertise in numerous industries, including automotive, electronics and durable goods, chemicals, finance and Insurance, IT and Telecom, FMCC, Medical and Pharmaceutical.


We are here to provide comprehensive coverage of industry research services in India, and meet the research needs of clients from all fields. We execute quality work and provide a diversity of study methods—studies qualitative and quantitative, man-to-man and in groups, through phone, personal interviews, internet, events (such as car testing research) and growing initiatives in other channels of research. As the Indian market continues to develop, the need for data, the need for insight, the need for information resources that can drive successful business initiatives in is creating a growing demand. Looking beyond our role in business research in India, we are an international firm with global capabilities to research for our clients on a broader scale. We have great pride in the carefully selected, thoroughly trained, and deeply experienced interviewers who enable our research, and are capable of answering study requests in over 38 different languages.

Steve Smith
CEO & Marketing Head

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Steve is the Marketing Head & CEO of Telstra Research . Steve spent much of his career prior to Telstra in United States for European and US based multinational corporations.

Ashish Singh
VP - Research

Ashish has over 14 years’ experience in the investment banking, private equity and financial services industry.

John James
Director- Sales

With a career spanning senior financial positions with a number of multinational organizations, both in America and Africa, John joined Telstra as Head - Sales in 2012, later becoming a director in 2014. John began his career as a Chartered Accountant with and has extensive experience in leading corporate finance teams across the professional services, investment banking and entertainment industries

Sagar Suri
Head - Decision Science

Sagar joined Telstra in May 2014 to lead the development of Telstra's UK operations. Prior to Telstra Sagar was Head (Decision Science). Sagar was previously a management consultant with the Consulting Group and Partners in Performance specialising in supporting private equity transactions and implementing growth and operational improvement initiatives. Sagar is a medical doctor by training.

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