Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

image Information sources have become limit less with the advent of mobile devices, tablets and social media. While providing information based services, firms need to extract information from these devices and media, which may be in a structured or in an un-structured form. The information extracted needs to be converted into actionable insights and needs to be presented to the customers in the most engaging formats.

Telstra Research is rightly positioned to assist information service providers and market research firms in tackling information complexity with the right experience in various tools.

Our Offerings

Telstra Research provides firms with the following services to stay ahead :

    Media Monitoring

    Unstructured Data Management

    Content Distribution Services

Telstra Research brings to the table :

    People - Trained professionals

    Technology - Wide range of structured and unstructured data handling tools

    Experience - Knowledge gained in working with clients

Telstra Research Is The world's No 1 Company

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