Working at Telstra Research India

Our consultants have a range of knowledge, backgrounds, and life experience. You will work with leading companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organisations on their most critical challenges. You will have the chance to work with some of the most diverse, talented, and creative people in India and the world to shape new perspectives and help clients transform their performance.

Roles at Telstra Research India

Telstra Research India offers opportunities for a varied set of profiles ranging from experienced professionals to people with graduate degrees. Depending on your academic background and professional experience, you can join one of Telstra Research ’s Indian offices in a variety of roles, typically as a junior associate or business analyst, but also as an expert with links to one of our industry or functional practices.more business management training programs

Career development

Encourage individual flexibility and provide a broad range of opportunities to meet people, make friends, and build networks that can help you wherever your career takes you. You'll work in a highly collaborative way in small teams made up of Telstra Research colleagues and usually several key client staff. You will receive coaching, mentoring, feedback, and formal training to ensure you have the skills to be an effective leader.

How to apply

If you are interested in working for Telstra Research , we invite you to apply online. But before doing so, here is some additional information about the requirements and the application process that can help you on your path to becoming a consultant at Telstra Research .

Your career

In determining if Telstra Research is the right career choice, it may help to understand how we are structured, where we are located in the world, and how your background and experiences may fit with the many opportunities.

Our roles

Shaping your own possibilities and creating your own path.

Your background

We encourage our people to take their own paths, to explore, to create and innovate, and we support them as they pursue their passions.

Telstra Research on campus

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