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Telstra Research India combines advanced technology expertise and Consulting experience to add enduring value to organizations. Telstra Research India customers gain access to the combined capabilities of a result oriented Research and Data technology team from premier educational institutions in India. Telstra Research is internationally recognized Research & technology company. Supported by regional staff across the country and in USA. With services launched in 2006, Telstra Research ’s operations provide access to the most dynamic and fast growing research hubs in the region. In addition, we offer worldwide reach to our clients through key external partnerships and strategic alliances, with partners in the US, Europe.

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Good decisions come from good data, and that
knowledge is the basis of all client work.

Our Services

Banking & Financial

Telstra Research is a leading provider of financial research and technology services to the banking and financial services industry. Telstra Research financial services clients include five of the top ten global retail...

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Health Care

For life sciences and healthcare clients, we combine our deep domain expertise of the industry with our research and technology solutions. Our solutions help clients gain insights and make informed decisions. Over the last 10 years...

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Intense competition, shifting customer loyalty, entry of new players and a stringent regulatory environment are contributing towards creating a tough insurance market. Insurance companies are now under pressure to change their business models,...

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Telecom businesses need to continuously explore the possibilities of advanced communication systems. Smart IT solutions will help deliver improved services, boost operational efficiency, and build integrated networks...

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With the ever-increasing pressure on bottom lines and reduced product shelf life, the manufacturing industries are under pressures globally. To run a lean and flexible organization is not an option but has become a mandate for them...

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Direct customer relationships are a privilege, but they also generate massive amounts of data. This wealth of information holds the potential to drive real frontline differentiation, if retailers have the right tools and approaches to...

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Travel & Leisure

The travel industry is characterized by price competition, over-supply and an increasingly fragmented marketplace. Success – whether for travel agents, tour operators, cruise operators, airlines, hotels or destinations – depends on understanding exactly what is ...

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Utilities & Energy

More than 50% of the energy produced in the United States is wasted somewhere along the line, from production and distribution to consumption. Our goal is to maximize economy-wide investment in energy efficiency. Focus areas include...

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